I’m a fully trained Professional Actor who studied for three years at the acclaimed Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA), receiving a BA Hons Degree in Acting.

Upon graduation, I was also awarded the sought after Trinity Acting Diploma.

I also achieved, ‘Unarmed combat acting examination awards’ with the Rapier, Dagger & Single Sword, from The British Academy of Dramatic Combat Examinations in Unarmed Combat and possess high grade LAMDA qualifications.

My experience and training base is extensive regarding Stage, Screen and Radio;


Performed a number of plays with Professional Directors, including The Threepenny Opera, at Bolton’s Octagon Theatre, Oppenheimer by Tom Morton Smith, Women of Troy, Directed by Madelaine O’Reilly and Zero for the Young Dudes and Grandfathers, both Directed by Jimmy Fairhurst. I also performed a ‘Monologue Showcase Event’ in London and Manchester theatres.

My stage training is comprehensive and included, movement studies/physical expression, rehearsing and performing complex texts, the acting process on screen and stage, advancing skills and techniques in audition, skill of vocal production in connection to complex text, detailed physical characterisation and industry awareness of artistic and commercial requirements.

On becoming a Professional Actor, I auditioned for and secured corporate acting work with a medical school; playing the part of a patient/medical professional in various scenarios for medical examinations. This work has snowballed and I’m in high demand for corporate acting work all over the North West, working with a variety of NHS Trusts and medical examination boards.  

TV & Film:

I’m confident and have experience of performing scenes to camera in both indoor and outside locations with a full production crew and team of supporting actors around me and performed in a filmed mockumentary with Get Giddier Productions.

I relish the way in which acting to camera can vary intensity or mood of a scene with sometimes the most subtle shifts in Actor demeanour. Please view my ‘Acting Show Reel’ to watch me perform in both comedic and dramatic settings.

Due to my skillset and confidence in front of camera some of my corporate work, during the pandemic, has required me to perform live to camera via virtual platforms which I enjoy immensely.


I’m passionate about Acting for Radio and was shortlisted for the prized, Carlton Hobbs National Radio Award while at ALRA.

I was recently commissioned by an independent podcast writer to play a leading role in a sci-fi drama podcast, entitled, ‘The Time Machine’. I thrive on the intimacy of radio and having the ability to paint a picture of the space and scenario for the listener using vocal skill.

I have performed radio advertisements, monologues and voiceovers and am confident/expressive in front of microphone.

Please feel free to view my showreel and my Acting CV (here), I am also listed on spotlight- if you would like to view my profile click here